Chris Brown to Be Arrested in South Beach iPhone Theft?

Bad boy Chris Brown just can’t seem to stay out of trouble (sorta like Bobby Brown), first with the infamous felony assault against ex-girlfriend Rihanna, and now possibly for an iPhone theft in South Beach! The celebrity rumor-mill is ablaze with versions of this story, though the truth when it comes to celebrity news is often in the shades of gray.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Witnesses outside of Cameo in South Beach told Miami Beach police that Brown stole a fan’s iPhone, called her a b****, rolled up the window to his Bentley and took off. Why?

Rumors have been spreading that Brown and Rihanna have been working on reconciliation and some collaborations…but that would not be possible if photos taken by fans of Brown taking home groupies were to leak! Yikes! Apparently, fellow rapper Tyga told police that Brown was snapped in the act of taking home two groupies when he noticed fans photographing the poor decision with their smartphones. Brown then became enraged and stole an iPhone from a fan, fearing an Internet frenzy.

Chris Brown

“The guy’s trying to get back with Rihanna, and he knows that wouldn’t happen if the photos ended up online,” said one source, which wished to remain anonymous.

Reports say that Brown yelled,  "Erase the mother******* pictures! Those photos can’t get out there.”
Police have requested that the Miami-Dade County State Attorney issue an arrest warrant for Brown, which had yet to be done Saturday night. Will Brown be arrested for the theft?

Chris Brown

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