Chris Tucker Loses Big on 2 Florida Mansion Sales

Maybe I am a bit out of the loop here, but I did not realize Chris Tucker was broke! TMZ reported that the star has shed 2 Florida mansions for far less than the amount he acquired them. And I mean far!

One property is an 8,861 square-foot waterfront Lake County home that Tucker unloaded via short sale for $2 million. Considering he paid $6 million for it and is rumored to owe $11.5 million in back taxes, that is a loss that would be more difficult to swallow than a round of Russo Baltique vodka ($1 million per bottle). 

Chris Tucker mansion

Chris Tucker was here!

The other posh pad unloaded by the star was sold for $1,050,000 with a $1.5 million asking price. Good thing another ‘Friday’ is in the works! Perhaps rather than buying so many luxury items, rent an exotic car or indulge in a luxury property rental when the urge strikes again, Tucker! The maintenance costs are eliminated and the affordability factor goes up exponentially.

Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker Frida

Chris Tucker in Friday




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