CoLA Freshens Fashion Week

Miami Fashion week is going on as we speak but nobody cares. That would be because there isn’t somebody like Dani Michelle in Miami. Just who is Dani Michelle? If you don’t know, now you will because she’s the girl who is saving Los Angeles Fashion Week. In the absence of Mercedes-Benz it seemed that pseudo-celebrity lines and bland swimwear labels would take over Los Angeles fashion. Then on the brink of would-be disaster, Dani Michelle founded CoLA. CoLA, which is an abbreviation for the "City of Los Angeles" Fashion Week, is the rage. The small fashion production company has decided to go acronym-only so as not to be confused whatsoever with the Official City of Los Angeles, which is like the mayor’s office or something. CoLA Fashion Week kicks-off this weekend and, with no apologies, is invitation only. This weekend the penthouse at the Lady Liberty Building downtown will feature runway shows by local designers Brian Lichtenberg, Fremont, B.Son, Eksempel, COA and Joyrich. CoLA which announced existence via press release less than a month ago, already has some legit backing by Ford Models, Coca-Cola, Stella Artois, and Monster Energy. We love the hustle and aren’t the only ones seeking longevity, CoLA is already looking to next season’s fashion runway. The fashion production company is aiming "to set the bar for Los Angeles Fashion Week."  You know, make a high industry mark and put some fizz back on the runway. Enjoy freshness ya’ll!