Conquer Jet Lag, There’s an App for That

Jet Lag

There are apps out there now for pretty much anything- some useful, some hopelessly inept, and everything in between.  I have pleasant news for jet-setters who happen to wield an iPhone, there is now an app designed to help you kick jet lag directly in the face (or ass, preferences apply).  It is called JetLag Genie, and promises to alter energy levels with greater tenacity than a mere Red Bull could ever achieve.

The only thing that could make this app better is if it came in luxury car rental form, just imagine a talking car like ‘Kitt’ from the old hit series ‘Knight Rider’.  Of course, you would be in a gleaming hot Lamborghini rental or Ferrari rental, and would damn sure ooze more sex appeal than ole’ Hasselhoff…I could go on with this, but will show restraint.


Jetlag Genie

Those who travel through time zone warps know that jet lag is a very real problem, seemingly unavoidable (just ask Mario about warp zones).  Jetlag Genie is your friend when you are in need, your personal sleep coach, if you will.  Jetlag Genie can gently nudge or angrily poke you into your upcoming time zone, little by little as your trip approaches.

Jetlag Genie iPhone app

Don’t let this be you!

You begin by entering your flight info along with your typical sleep schedule (this may not work for very frequent flyers).  Three days prior to your departure, your iPhone will then show you why it is referred to as a ‘Smartphone’, by waking you up a little earlier each day, preparing you for your new time zone.

Sleeping in Airports

Something tells me he has done this before…

By the time you reach Paris, Amsterdam, or whatever city you seek, your internal clock will already be halfway adapted, allowing you to enjoy your trip sans fatigue.  Well, you cannot exactly let your irritable side show its ugly face, now can you?  Unless you are a celeb, in which case it just makes the tabloids thirsty.

For the first five days of your trip, the Jetlag Genie will guide you through any necessary naps, available supplements and wake-up calls, so that you can put your best foot forward overseas.

Sleeping in airport
Airport ninja

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