Custom Airbus Changes Hands for $500 Million

When investing in a $500 million dollar mansion, shouldn’t it be able to fly you to any destination? That is pretty much the case with a lavish custom Airbus A380 superjumbo that recently changed hands for the jaw-dropping rate!

Custom Airbus

Luxury taken to new heights: The custom Airbus A380 

The luxury aircraft was owned by Saudi Arabia’s Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal and served as his flying palace. It has been sold to a fellow billionaire whose identity remains a mystery. In the high-profile world of royalty, there is no price too high for a luxury motorcade, private aircraft, mansion or superyacht.

Custom Airbus

This Airbus A380 is possibly the most expensive private aircraft in the world. The price rivals some of the steepest luxury yachts and soars over celebrity mansion values.

Designer Edese Doret transformed the A380 double-decker jumbo jet into a luxury space of epic proportions. From the cabin, it is easy to forget you are onboard an aircraft. This Airbus transports its passengers as well as their senses with extensive attention to detail.

Custom Airbus

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There are luminous glass chandeliers, ornate glass lamps for additional ambiance, plush leather cream sofas, flat screen TVs and a dining table that accommodates 14. According to Arabian Business, the layout accommodates two Rolls Royce luxury cars and a number of horses. Does TSA know about this?

Custom Airbus

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Custom Airbus

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