Dallas Dishes Out Drama & Justice in Luxury Cars!

Dallas County Commissioners are revving things up for the local police force, questioning the costs associated with the confiscated luxury vehicles used by officers and the DA. We have covered exotic police cars in the past, but this story has a conflict of interest!

Police Hummer

A police hummer

District Attorney Craig Watkins commented on the chaos, stating:

“We have been seizing vehicles for years and they have been used for that purpose. But for whatever reason it’s become an issue today.”

Police Porsche

The Police Porsche is popular all over the world

The vehicles in question are a Hummer and a 90s Porsche. The Hummer is driven by Sheriff Lupe Valdez, who sees recruiting and marketing potential in the luxury SUV. According to Valdez,
 “We’re gonna cover it with our website, our recruitment site, and use it in all sorts of recruiting situations.”

Police Hummer

Seized vehicles, even exotic ones, are often used by law enforcement for undercover work and more. But with the economic downturn souring the outlooks of so many, the flashy cars used by the force leave a bitter impression of funding used unwisely. Perhaps they should simply put vanity plates on the vehicles that read: “This was a free vehicle”

Police Hummer

In the end, the DA and police force will be permitted to continue using the confiscated luxury vehicles, though there will be a plan enacted as to how they will be used and a budget for their maintenance.

Police Porsche

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