Dark Dining Miami Style—Have You Been Blindfolded?

Chef Adrianne Calvo is a highly regarded culinary artist in the Miami Beach food & wine scene, and is continuing her popular ‘Dark Dining’ series in Miami this month. You can experience sensory deprivation and overload simultaneously at her Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar.

Dark Dining Miami

Dark dining in Miami

The dark dining experience involves blindfolding patrons in an already dimly lit setting, creating a sensory sensation throughout a multiple course meal. The diners are forced to rely on just their senses of smell and taste, with the visual presentation unavailable, focusing on unexpected flavors.

Dark dining has been defined as "a sensory overload encounter that maximizes the art of flavor by suppressing vision, and therefore creates the ultimate in dining experience."

Adrianne Calvo

Chef Adrianne Calvo

The concept of dark dining has sprinkled throughout Europe with enthusiastic results, and is now being digested in the U.S.  The highly competitive South Florida restaurant scene is ideal for testing the waters for innovations and new culinary ideas.

Dark Dining Miami

Dark Dining Miami

Since Chef Adrianne began incorporating dark dining in 2009, it has been a success and she became the first Miami-based business to introduce the food phenomenon! You could definitely say this type of dining is an experience rather than simple sustenance!

Dark Dining Miami

Dark Dining Miami is a great group outing idea

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