Dartz Prombron Armored SUV for Jay Z?

The exotic vehicle rumor mill is rampant with rumors that rapper Jay Z has quite the awesome luxury SUV on his wish list: an armored Dartz Prombron. I love his taste in luxury cars, especially the Bugatti Veyron birthday gift from wifey, Beyoncé!

Dartz Prombron armored SUV

Dartz Prombron armored SUV

Beyoncé certainly knows the way to her auto-addict hubby’s heart, so perhaps she will make this new rumor a reality. A Prombron would be a great method of transportation and protection for their soon-to-be expanding brood.

Dartz Prombron Monaco Red Diamond Edition

The $1.5 million dollar Prombron Monaco Red Diamond Edition boasts Kevlar coating, diamond and ruby logos, limited edition Vertu phone and tasteful whale penis leather interior!

The Prombron armored SUV is the product of eccentric Lativian carmaker Dartz, and is quite capable of shielding inhabitants from rocket launchers and AK-47s…or an onslaught of rabid fans on a daily basis. This rolling defense system covers all bases with multiple layers of protection while managing to dazzle in the aesthetics department as well. It is equipped with 8 cameras and a door behind the driver.

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Inside, the standard Prombron offers ten exotic interior treatments, including crocodile, snake, whale, chameleon, elephant and various carbon fiber treatments. The jealousy, it burns!

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Jay Z

Jay Z has style and awesome taste in exotics

Dartz Prombron armored SUV

Dartz Prombron SUV




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