Don’t Be Late with that Turkey: Fastest Thanksgiving Luxury Rental Cars

So you are in charge of the bird this Thanksgiving…why not get it to your holiday destination in style and as fast as humanly possible? Think about it, the bird is not going to fly there, and you do not want to arrive with a cold clucker, so just secure an exotic car rental this year and enjoy the looks on the faces of those closest to you as you valet in front of Grammy’s house in a shiny Ferrari or Lamborghini rental and present a piping hot bird!

Lamborghini rentals

Lamborghini rentals

Ok so I may be getting carried away here, my sense of humor is both a gift and a curse, but what else are the holidays for but to impress your family and make them happy (translation-show off big-time)? An exotic rental car can make you happy, too, and you can offer spins around the block to the wee little tykes (if they take their shoes off).

Ferrari California rental

Ferrari California rental

Renting a luxury car for Thanksgiving is simply an all-around great way to make a special day even more memorable, just think of the permanent family photos!

Thanksgiving luxury car rental tips

Imagine Lifestyles offers a full fleet of luxury rentals in Miami, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles including 13 top brands and the latest models from each. Ruffle some feathers this Thanksgiving in an exotic sports car fit for a king…or favored grandson/granddaughter.




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