Don’t Steal—Rent a Supercar

While not everyone can afford the luxury of a supercar, there is never a need to steal one…like the daft fellow facing up to 22 years for the theft of Jillian Michael’s Bentley and burglary! Trust us—renting an exotic sports car is much cheaper, and you can maintain your freedom.

Celebrity Car Thefts

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All jabs aside, the 29-year-old, Gerjuan Deshon Harmon, would be 51 years old upon his release if he gets the entire sentence! Jillian was at home with her child and nurse at the time of the theft, which is seriously scary! It seems her Hermes bag, containing the keys to the Bentley, vanished from the kitchen table, followed by the luxury car.

Jillian Michaels Bentley theft

Fitness goddess Jillian Michaels

The former Biggest Loser trainer did not realize the theft had occurred until the following morning. Did Harmon truly think he would not be noticed rolling around town in a stolen Bentley? One word: sore thumb. Police spotted him in the car the following day and began a pursuit that ended in the worst way: he crashed the Bentley into a light pole.

Jillian reached out to friends and fans via Twitter following the incident:
“Hi guys – thanks so much for all your concern regarding the burglary. We are all fine & that’s what counts. Stuff is just stuff after all.”
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