Drive Exotic Cars 200 MPH in the Mojave and Play Fighter Pilot

Love exotic cars?  Want to play fighter pilot for a day?  Love the Mojave Desert?  While the later may be a bit quirky, you can now merge these fantasies in a 3-day all-out supercar meets open space extravaganza!  The event, hosted by Bluefish, is called ‘Supercars in the Mojave’  (original).

The event is to take place March 22nd, 2010, so if this is something you can’t miss, you better catapult your ass out of your chair and make the call.  If you miss it, do not cry like a…sad person, just call us and reserve one of our fast and furious exotic rental cars Miami or from our Los Angeles exotic rental cars instead…and some track time.

Mojave Desert Racing

The 3-day adrenaline rush includes the following:


Day Uno:
•    Arrive at luxury hotel in LA, indulge in the city, perhaps partake in geeky ‘touristy’ activities while thinking that it may be your last day on earth before you rocket yourself 200 miles per hour across the Mojave.  Buy aviator shades for tomorrow, feel badass…Twitter dat.
Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

Day II:
•    Get up at 6 a.m.  You do not want to risk being late, so set your alarm clock on your cell, the one found in the luxury hotel, request a wakeup call from the concierge, and then have your best friend also call you at 6…just so you can be a dick and rub it in their face…like a boss.
•    Hop the 18-minute flight to the Mojave Desert or take a chauffeured coach car the 2.5-hour haul.  You are about to drive supercars over 200 mph…I assume you are not a pussy, so take the flight.
•    8:45-Noon.  You arrive at the Mojave Spaceport, the 14,500-foot airstrip that you are about to make your bitch.  (But first you must endure the obligatory catered breakfast that you may lose in an exotic car, and the equally obligatory debriefing by professional race dudes…just feign interest and pound the java).
•    Noon-5pm:  With a personal instructor sewn to your side, you are now ready to drive one of the following supercars as fast as you please:

•    Ferrari F430 Spider
•    Ferrari 599GTB
•    SLR McLaren
•    Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera
•    Audi R8 V10
•    Bentley Supersports
•    Jaguar XKR

Welcome to the 200 MPH club.

Bentley Supersports

Day Trois:
•    8 a.m.:  Jump a chauffeured coach to a private airstrip and try your hand at being a fighter pilot.  Yes, you have dominated the land thing, now you will take over the air.  Is a cigarette boat rental next?  Unfortunately not in this challenge.
•    10 a.m.:  Drool over the two L-39’s awaiting you and your opponent.  Yes, you get a real-live opponent to battle over the scenic California coastline.  It will be filmed, providing you with what is essentially an air combat tactics movie starring you…bragging rights for all of eternity.
•    8 p.m.:  You are then escorted to an exclusive dinner party where you will network with a select few awe-inspiring and surprise guests. 

This can all be yours for just $14,000 ($4995 for just the 200 mph drive only).  The price includes the 5-star hotel for two nights, transfers to and from the Mojave track, transfers to the L39 dogfight and closing of event dinner.

L-39 Fighter Jet Mojave
  *This event will also be filmed for a future television show



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Mojave Turtle
  Mojave Toroise 





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