Dubai Announces $18 Billion Dollar “Sunny Mountain Ski Dome”, the First of Its Kind

Dubai Ski Resort There will soon be a fresh new way to cool off in the Middle East-via an $1 billion dollar ski resort.  Yes, the government and private sector partnership in Dubai has announced its plans to bring the winter sport experience to Dubai.  Dubai is famous for its excess-luxury hotels, exotic rental cars, exquisite cuisine, and now it is about to add even more indulgence.

Plans include an oversized ski dome set to rise from Dubai’s mega tourism development project-Dubailand.  The project is called “Dubai Sunny Mountain Ski Dome”, and it is the first of its kind in the Middle East.

This is fantastic news for not only the tourists it hopes to attract, but for the locals who endure scorching temperatures year round.  It will provide an outstanding winter experience in the Middle East that people of that region would otherwise not have access to, with a full range of activities for all ages.

The structure consists of a steel dome, which is said to include a large revolving ski slope, which meanders through an artificial mountain range, giving it an authentic outdoorsy effect.  Boreholes of approximately two hundred meters deep have been dug to make use of geothermic energy and to support what will be the largest free-standing dome in the world.

When guests enter the Sunny Mountain Ski Dome, they will be greeted with Arctic experiences including:

•    A penguinarium
•    A snow castle
•    Winter Aquaria
•    Ice rink
•    Arctic animal statues
•    4 Seasons Aquaria
•    Snowfall
•    Sound and light effects
•    An ice bridge
•    A ice slide
•    A cable-lift
•    Cold and warm bath spa
•    Polar bears

This will be a luxurious winter escape amid the arid and dry region.  It will also integrate a luxury hotel, shopping mall, themed restaurants, coffee shops and other retail options.
*This luxury project began in February of 2006, and the exact ETA is unknown.

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