An Electric BMW? Please, Tell Me More!

BMW is the world’s leading luxury carmaker, and just keeps hitting us with awesome new models and setting new precedents.  Now, it has been reported that the luxe company intends to keep up with itself, and unleash upon us its first all-electric urban luxury car in 2013.  This is two years earlier than originally planned, andBMW Megacity Electric Car we are not complaining, it is like Christmas arriving early!

It is to be billed as the “Megacity” car, with an aggressive stance on being environmentally sound.  The vehicle will be completely emission-free, and ideal for metropolitan areas and high-traffic locations, with the potential to drastically reduce harmful impact on the environment caused by daily driving. 

Yes, Daimler is going to mass-produce this electric extravaganza, likely marketing it under a sub category, in case it does not go over as well as planned (no need to tarnish the brand name).

What is fantastic is that this luxury hybrid relies on carbon fiber for its lightweight structure and performance.  Carbon fiber looks fabulous, and is the luxury material of choice currently.

As for specs, the Megacity electric BMW will have a range of around 160 miles per battery charge, with approximately 20 percent of that range thanks to a regenerative braking system, similar to the Mini E. 

So far, BMW has made no mention of leasing its battery packs separately, as some companies have decided to try. 
With the future of electric cars and less dependence on fuel, we just wonder how high electric charges are going to become.  Perhaps we will just go ahead and purchase more stocks.

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