Epic Supercar Fail Footage—Idiots Behind the Wheel!

If you do not own a hypercar, it can be quite enjoyable to catch those who do driving like idiots. Well, perhaps idiot is too kind of a term to describe the demolition that takes place in the 10-minute clip below! Enjoy the exotic car crash clips toward the bottom of this post– it is all action with no still shots, which is awesome.

Bugatti lands in water

A Bugatti was not intended to be an amphibian

Watch and be amazed, alarmed and amused at just how little auto knowledge it takes to purchase and drive a supercar! The saying goes ‘Do not try this at home’, but we say, DO NOT try this with any of our exotic car rentals!

Kudos to the creator of this entertaining mash-up of luxury car crashes…and the one pick-up truck….


The Bugatti crashing into water and the Ferrari California fail were among the most tragic, but the overall amount of stupidity depicted in this compilation was definitely worth the time it took to watch the entire video! Do you think that the drivers shown should invest heavily in some serious track lessons to correct their approach? Comment below!

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Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals