Exotic Car & Aircraft Video: ‘Angle of Attack’ Showcased Luxury While Benefiting Animal Shelters

It is always cool when extreme aircraft and exotic cars collide, like today in Washington at the ‘Angle of Attack’ show!  Held at the Museum of Flight, Angle of Attack is an aerodynamic kinship between exotic cars and aircraft that also benefits area animal shelters, a win-win event of epic proportions!  Many of the cars on display at this event are available to you in any of our exotic rental car fleets nationwide.

A wide variety of top luxury cars are displayed at Angle of Attack, and it is free to the public.  Representatives from Homeward Pet Rescue, area shelter and adoption agencies are on hand to supply information, services and accept donations.

Promotional video above describes the purpose of this luxury event, which I hope is an annual event! 


The regional exotic car community takes this opportunity to show off their luxury vehicles, including the following top brands:

•    Lamborghinis
•    Ferraris
•    Porsche
•    Teslas
•    Lotus
•    Aston Martin
•    Audi R8
•    BMW M Series
•    The world’s fastest production supercar—–>the Ultimate Aero





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