Exotic Car Crashes-Ferrari F360 Spider

Insurance, folks.  Anyone in his or her right mind knows that if you have an exotic car worth $168,000, your ass better have it insured.  Ok so you have it insured, but what if you unwittingly allow an uninsured driver behind the wheel?  And what if it is in the name of charity?  Chris Carey learned the hard way that lending your Ferrari F360 out for a charity event can backfire, or catch fire.
Ferrari F360 Spider Rear View
Yes, Southhampton luxury car dealer Chris Carey was trying to be a stand up guy and offer his Ferrari F360 Spider out for a charity function in 2009 when an uninsured driver crashed it into a tree.  What happened to due diligence?  I feel for the guy, being generous and losing large amounts of dough in the process. 

The charity event was intended to raise money for an air ambulance and the F360 was available for approximately $25 dollars per spin around Newbury Show Ground, driven by Carey himself.  Carey was driving the paid participants in his Ferrari, but became tired and handed the keys to his friend, who unbeknownst to him was uninsured.  The friend lost control of the Ferrari, while carrying a child passenger, and crashed it into a tree, totaling the car.  Luckily, the only thing injured in the crash was the car, and Carey’s savings account.

The light blue Ferrari F360 Spider’s keys landed in the wrong hands, and it is difficult to discern exactly where the fault lies.  Carey’s insurance company, however, sees the situation a bit differently.

Honesty is always the best policy, and Carey reportedly fibbed on his insurance claim for the luxury car, claiming he was driving the Ferrari when it slammed into the tree and burst into flames.  Not only did he have to swallow the cost of the luxury car, he was also slapped with 200 hours of unpaid work after admitting the fraud.  Ouch.

Ferrari F360 Spider Front View

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