Exotic Car News: A Ferrari Hybrid?

Ferrari 599 Hybrid The words Ferrari and hybrid both evoke powerful emotions, and yet, they do not seem to fit in the same sentence.  Well, hold your horses, as they are rumored to be prancing in that direction!

A hybrid system is being prepared for Ferrari by Maranello, and is set to be launched around 2015.  This comes on the heels of the Geneva Motor Show in March, where Ferrari president Luca Cordero di Montezemolo communicated to reporters that prototypes were being tested of a hybrid powertrain in a 2009 Ferrari 599 adapted to the new drive system. 

When we analyze the issue further, it may not be such a shocking scenario, as more and more automotive endeavors are becoming greener, even a handful of exotic cars.  The future of the automotive industry has an underlying understanding that there is a need to decrease oil dependency and lessen negative impacts on the environment, and incentives are flooding the gates.

Adding to the excitement are the leaked drawings from a patent application, providing a more vivid picture of the potential Ferrari hybrid.  The documents portray several variants of four-wheel drive and hybrid technology, with one set of wheels (likely the rear) driven by the engine through a transmission, and the other powered by an electric motor or set of in-wheel motors.  Both front and mid-engine layouts exist.

In the past, Ferrari has announced its intentions to reduce its carbon emissions by a full 40 percent by 2010, an aggressive goal for such a looming deadline.  Recently, Ferrari’s Formula One team has assisted in recovering wasted energy via regenerative braking for the brand, and this season the team is utilizing a Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) in accordance with new guidelines and rules for Formula One, the world’s most prestigious racing circuit.

It will be interesting to observe as the future of Ferrari, Ferrari rentals, Ferrari Formula One units and more plays out.  For more on Ferrari, check out our official Ferrari Week blogset.

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