Exotic Car News-Rolls-Royce Sees Surge in Asia

Rolls-Royce GhostLuxury car brand Rolls-Royce announced on Friday that the market for its elite line of cars was experiencing a dramatic upswing across Asia as the global financial crisis begins to recede.

The announcement came from New Delhi, where the unveiling of the Rolls-Royce Ghost model was taking place.  The Ghost is the automaker’s new lower-cost saloon car, scheduled to hit the pavement by the second quarter of next year. 

With the Ghost model, Rolls-Royce is showing the tenacity to engineer their way through difficult times, providing a new price-bracket for the tightening belt of the world.  Rolls-Royce Asia-Pacific regional chief Colin Kelly said,

"We’re fast coming out of the financial crisis and China and India look like they will lead the way out in 2010 on a feel-good factor.  Japan is also expected to have a very good year in 2010. Australia is also looking extremely positive."

The previous day, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development relayed that emerging market economies India and China were poised to accelerate and that Japan’s recession seems to have hit its bottom. In 2008, Rolls-Royce sold a phenomenal 2,012 of its Phantoms worldwide, 200 of them in Asia.

Once the exotic car of choice for the maharajas, Rolls-Royce has re-entered India following a break of half of a century.  New buyers are mostly self-made successful people.  The new “glass half full” attitude on display by the British-based car company comes on the heels of a Forbes report that the number of billionaires in Asia has nearly doubled in the past 12 months, thanks to a surge in the stock markets.  Not a big spender?  Splurge on one of our Rolls-Royce rentals Miami style. 

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