Audi History

Audi History

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Audi has one of the best exotic sports cars in the market.  The Audi R8 or R8 convertible is the perfect choice for anyone who truly loves sports cars.  With an extensive history of excellence, Audi brand delivers exotic sports car rentals worthy of any special event.  Audi brand luxury cars turn heads, and are now available from Imagine Lifestyles in New York, Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles!

Consistently reinventing the wheel, albeit a flat-bottom one, Audi brand represents sophistication and innovation.  The origin of Audi luxury vehicle brand can be traced back to August of 1899, and quickly developed an impeccable reputation for innovative designs, engineering, luxury and comfort.  This reputation continues today in all upscale Audi vehicles, and is the reason the brand is such a worthwhile addition to our fleet of exotic rental cars and luxury SUV rentals in Miami, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, New Jersey and Los Angeles.
Audi has always received praise for its core creativity and exciting ideas, which have paved the path for a multitude of exotic cars and luxury vehicles.  The Audi car company emerges with a new model on all the right occasions to keep up with the competition and maintain a fresh approach to the luxury car.  Carefully integrating the latest technology with increasingly appealing design cues, Audi stays on the fast track in the world of exotic cars.
This is a luxury carmaker that designs and engineers its vehicles with the various needs and requirements of its clientele in mind, ensuring the perfect mix of power and prestige with every endeavor.  Throughout the 1930s, Audi supplied the auto world with a wide range of options, from standard motorcars to luxury saloon cars.  In 1932 the Audi emblem was rebranded to include four rings, following a merger with three other large automobile companies:  DKW, Horch and Wanderer.  By 1980, Audi brand dominated the world rally, the Audi Quattro made its debut, and the rest is history!


The history of Audi is quite multi-faceted and fascinating. The Audi emblem with its four rings identifies one of Germany’s oldest-established automobile manufacturers, and symbolizes the 1932 merging of four previously independent motor-vehicle manufacturers: Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer. These companies form the roots of what is today the luxury car brand AUDI AG.
Audi brand family tree
Audi is one of Germany’s oldest established automobile manufacturers. Audi was responsible for supplying the widest range of passenger vehicles that German industry could offer in the 1930s – from motorcycle to luxury saloon.  Audi rose to the challenge and still makes some of the best luxury vehicles and exotic sports car rentals on the roads today!


Audi was established by August Horch in 1909 in Zwickau. Audi is a Latin translation of Horch, a German name meaning “Listen!”.  From its beginnings, the ultimate focus of Audi company has been to produce cars for the luxury market.  The very first Audi car was the Type A 10 / 22 hp Sport-Phaeton, 2.6 l four-cylinder engine, released in1910 and designed by August Horch jointly with Hermann Lange.


In 1916, Jörgen Skafte Rasmussen started development and experiments on a steam-driven road vehicle in Zschopau. In 1919 the company, now known as Zschopauer Motorenwerke, switched to making small two-stroke engines. The first DKW small car appeared back in 1928, and by 1945, DKW motorcycles and cars had become the foundation for re-establishment of the Auto Union in Ingolstadt.


Although in 1909 August Horch left his Horchwerke in Zwickau, which had been established in 1904, he had started a product design philosophy for the cars with his goal of producing only luxurious and powerful vehicles.
Horch cars were among the top products of the German automobile industry, market leaders in the luxury class and with outstanding manufacturing quality standards.


Wanderer began as a Chemnitz bicycle repair shop in 1885, with mechanics Johann Baptist Winklhofer and Richard Adolf Jaenicke.  The company’s name was changed in 1896 to Wanderer Fahrradwerke AG.  By 1902, Wanderer built its first motorcycle, and by 1913 had begun producing cars. The fourth ring in the Audi emblem represents the Wanderer automobile division, which joined the new Auto Union AG in 1932.
Discover how over ten decades in the auto industry has led to one of the most exhilarating and lavish luxury cars on the road today with an Audi rental from Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals.