Exotic Destinations: Meet Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Move over Mickey Mouse, the world’s fastest theme park is set to make history in 2010, in the form of “Ferrari World”.  We even like the way the words feel rolling off of our tongues…Ferrari World.

The only unfortunate thing about Ferrari World so far is that it is so far…away.   Ferrari World is located in Abu Dhabi, which is no problem save the fact that it is on the opposite side of the planet.

There is a method behind Ferrari’s madness, however.  The park is located on Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island, which is setting itself up to become quite the tourist destination, offering a wide variety of upscale hotels, restaurants, and entertainment options. Abu Dhabi is positioned at the crossroads between Europe, Asia and Africa and was chosen as the destination for Ferrari World theme park because motor sports are extremely popular in the region.

If you are a jet-setter and a Ferrari fan, this stop should definitively be on your list.  According to Ferrari’s press kit,

“The Park pays tribute to the passion, excellence, performance, technical innovation that Ferrari has established over the years and represents today. Its iconic sleek red roof is directly inspired by the classic double curve side profile of the Ferrari GT body, spanning 200,000 m2 and carrying the largest Ferrari logo ever created.”

Once you get past the structure itself, which is amazing (see photo), the actual park will feature entertainment for the whole family (to keep them off your back as you take in the exotic cars).  There will be a surplus of rollercoasters, upwards of 20, including the world’s fastest rollercoaster.  The world’s fastest rollercoaster will emulate the unforgettable sensation of propelling along in a Ferrari F1 car (We smell a competition, Disney).

In addition to the usual theme-park fare, you can find, OH YEAH, Ferrari stuff!  There will be a display touting Ferrari’s outstanding historical moments from inception to present day.   We are predicting sensory overload, and can’t wait for Ferrari World to open its beautiful red doors.

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