Exotic Dining Tip-Canal Bistro

If you find yourself visiting Indianapolis, Indiana (pointing at you Colts fans), and in search of an exotic restaurant full of flavor and international experience, do not miss the Canal Bistro Mediterranean Grille!

This culinary jewel is nested along the canal in popular “Broad Ripple”, which is just miles from downtown and bursting with nightclubs, interesting restaurants, a comedy club, and various entertainment options. 

Owner George Hanna hails from Egypt, and has successfully created an atmosphere of ambiance, elegance, and ethnic identity throughout the decidedly upscale establishment.  Middle Eastern fabrics drape the windows, exquisite flooring shows attention to detail, and the furniture is simply beautiful-it is like stepping into an Egyptian restaurant.  Canal Bistro Indianapolis-Mazza Plate

The cocktails are served immediately by the attentive and professional staff, and are top-shelf.  We were able to comfortably soak in the Mediterranean vibe while sipping our martinis and reading the menu options.

Now that I have set the scene in your mind, allow me to set the table.  The Mediterranean cuisine is prepared as intended in the region, and presented beautifully.  We ordered the “Mazza Plate” appetizer, which includes tabuouli, hummus, falafel, feta cheese, spinach pie and calamata olives, which was a medley of flavors and well presented.  For the entrée, we selected the “Mixed Grill”, and chose both lamb and beef, both of which were grilled and seasoned to perfection. 

Unfortunately there was not room left to try their dessert selection, maybe next visit.  So if you live in Indianapolis, or are planning a visit there, we recommend indulging in an exotic car rental and treating your tastebuds to the tantalizing Mediterranean offerings of the luxurious Canal Bistro, located at 6349 N. Guilford Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana 46220. 

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