Exotic Station Wagon Anyone

Ferrari Reaches Out To Soccer Moms

Everyone knows a soccer mom, and most people would stereotype what kind of car they drive pretty easily.  However, Ferrari is making a play to throw that stereotype way out of line.  Granted, most soccer moms don’t drive $300,000 cars to pick the kids up but at least they will soon have the option.

Ferrari FF

The FF, or Ferrari Four, will soon be available for purchase and is quite a stretch from the Ferrari’s all of our Imagine Lifestyles branches are used to driving.  This car will feature Ferrari’s first all-wheel drive system, and is coming along due to the recent popularity of 4 seat or 4 door sports cars.  Just look at the popularity of the Aston Martin Rapide and Porsche Panamera and it becomes obvious why Ferrari is following suit.  From first glance, Imagine Lifestyles Chicago branch would have to say our Porsche Panamera and Aston Martin Rapide are much more gentle on the eye though. We are still deciding if Imagine Lifestyles will add this to our fleet of Chicago Ferrari rental cars


Ferrari FF

If you aren’t worried about the look, one selling point could be the fact that the FF has more trunk space than a Camry but can still hit 208 MPH.  Those suburban cops won’t know what hit them when Mom rolls by in a Ferrari station wagon at 170 MPH with a few car seats in the back. After much consideration I think one of Imagine Lifestyles other branches should pony up for this new Ferrari. I can see this new Ferrari FF in our fleet of Los Angeles luxury rental cars. For now, Chicago will be sticking to the more traditional exotic rental cars.


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