Experience A1A in a Luxury Rental Car Miami Style! What Do You Know About South Florida?

When people think of South Florida, one of the things that bursts to mind is A1A.  This famous Florida avenue meanders directly along the turquoise and emerald shoreline, offering luxurious visions around every curve!  We recommend a sexy pair of sunglasses, good company, your favorite music and an exotic South Beach rental car to lose yourself along this astounding avenue.Travel A1A in a Luxury Rental Car in Miami

As stated, in order to best cover this stretch of beachside pavement, a luxury rental car Miami style is a must-it will add an indescribable adrenaline rush to the already exhilarating expanse of luxury sightseeing that is missing nothing but you!

From traditional charming villas, to chic and sophisticated high-rise luxury condos, there is much to see along A1A, so keep in mind that while the exotic rental car you selected may be fast, this is a leisurely drive that is meant to savor, and traffic moves at about 30 mph from Fort Lauderdale down through Miami and South Beach (not that you will be in a hurry with so much beauty to absorb!).

The essence and luxury of South Florida is evident along A1A, as the glittering Atlantic beckons from the east and you are bombarded with options including upscale international dining, unique and high-end couture and shopping, and entertainment, all in a dizzying array.  Take your time, stop and shop, find a perfect upscale sidewalk café with fresh white linens and taste the local flavors while taking in your surroundings.  This is definitely not a trip to rush!

The streets are well manicured and lined with an intoxicating mix of international people, giLamborghini Gallardo Sypderving South Beach a spicy and cultural appeal that is so refreshing.  The zesty city lures visitors from all over the world to its pristine sidewalks and seaside splendor.  Isn’t it about time you planned your South Florida vacation?

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