Exposed Girl to Join the Bugatti Family: New Bugatti Veyron Convertible

There will be a new addition to the Bugatti Veyron family this spring and she will be topless. The new carbon fiber colored Bugatti will be an open-top Veyron Grand Sport Sang Noir. In French Sang Noir means black blood, kind of fitting for a wicked fast exotic car. Sans top, she’s quick and can hit 250 miles per hour.



Production will, of course, be ultra exclusive, expect 15 convertibles
or less in total.  As Bugatti only built 15 Sang Noir models in coupe
form, the first of which was auctioned off for $3.19 million. No price
has been set for the Bugatti Veyron, Grand Sport Sang Noir convertible
but a safe bet would be upwards of $3 mill. We are fans of the sexy
two-seater, she makes a statement.