GM Eye Tracking Headlights Could Take Off the Blinders

Automotive technology continues to advance and impress, with the latest being GM eye tracking headlights that do pretty much what the name implies: they track the movements of the driver’s eye and provide light in that direction. This wonderful wizardry is being tested to possibly become available in future GM models.

Leading automaker GM is working diligently to add further technology to its headlight assisting offerings. Will drivers soon have the added advantage of intelligent headlamps that function by following their eyes? 

eye tracking headlightsThe eye tracking technology is being developed to anticipate the nearly constant eye movement, using algorithms to keep the lighting in check and prevent it from performing erratically. The system uses a specialized camera that reads the eye movement over 50 times per second, scans surrounding points and communicates the findings in a way that assists with headlamp behavior. The unique algorithm has a delay to accommodate all that beady eye movement, even accounting for when the eyes leave the road.

eye tracking headlights

The future is all about emerging automotive technologies. The major players are taking a fierce stance by engaging competition with better and more unbelievable breakthroughs annually. Soon we may expect every automobile on the market to behave properly!

The GM eye tracking system will join the AFL+ third-generation adaptive headlight family. The existing AFL+ system is already capable of adjusting the intensity of the light and the direction it shines, depending on conditions. It also boasts a dynamic curve light, cornering function and a nifty high-beam assistant kicks in to maintain politeness when other vehicles approach. In the end, all of these features seem quite handy, because who has not silently (or audibly) cursed the blinding, searing lights of oncoming traffic a time or three?

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