The Fabulous Finish: The Aston Martin DB9 Designed by FB Fans

Back in December, Aston Martin captured Facebook by storm when it reached the million-fan mark. To celebrate this feat, the luxury carmaker gave fans the rare opportunity to participate in the design process of the next model—even allowing them to vote on the name! Well, it is finally here—behold the Aston Martin DB9 1 M!

Aston Martin 1M

The coat is vaguely reminiscent of the Bugatti L’Or Blanc

Fans were given the following design element options to vote on, including:
•  Name
•  Trim
•  Equipment
•  Model
•  Interior elements
•  Leather seating
•  Stitching

Aston Martin Facebook Car

The social networking project was a large success, handing the keys over to the fans to help create a one-of-a-kind dream car

This special Aston began as a standard DB9 and was given a dark blue coat accented with a unique aero wrap. The signature Aston Martin grille of the 1M is emphasized with a white finish that compliments the wind tunnel streaks. The smooth body rides on multi-spoke wheels for a sleek finished product.

Aston Martin Facebook Car

The one-off Aston 1M–a true crowd-sourced project

What do you think of the results? Should this Aston remain a one-off or be made available in a special limited-run? Share your thoughts below!

Aston Martin Facebook

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