Imagine Lifestyles Takes Fantasy Fest 2015 by the Horns…With Horsepower

Fantasy Fest 2015 in trendy Philadelphia was a home run yet again this year, with Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals front and center for all of the action. What is the fastest way to attract everyone within earshot to your booth? There is no megaphone required when you have two Lamborghini cars to rev up at the same time. It is the most exhilaration one can have in the presence of local vendors, exotic dancer booths and the standard cute beer stand girls. While the Lamborghinis were not open for rides that day–the plastic shark designed to toss riders off like a bull certainly was. Awkward? Indeed. Hilarious? You betcha.

Fantasy Fest 2015Exotic cars, exotic dancers and celebrities—Oh my! Fantasy Fest was brimming with the usual suspects, offering up a little something for everyone.

Fantasy Fest 2015CEO Ryan Safady and COO Jeff McCorry direct the team setting up the booth at Fantasy Fest 2015.

Fantasy Fest featured local vendors from all around the region and a smidge of celebrity action including Charles Barkley and the always-adorable and social Miss Pennsylvania (both pictured in the gallery below). The Imagine Lifestyles crew arrived early and stayed late to indulge in the pulse of the event—attracting over 500 visitors to our booth for our current contest “Win a luxury or exotic car rental”—follow link to enter in a few easy steps. The winner will be announced on Halloween 2015 and will spend 24-hours with a dream car.

Fantasy Fest 2015Fantasy Fest was held at Xfinity Live in Philadelphia and hosted by 97.5 The Fanatic.

The top 3 most-asked questions at the Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals booth that day were as follows:

  • How does insurance work with a car like this? The answer: Most auto policies already have enough coverage. If they do not, just contact your agent and have it increased for that time period.
  • How much would something like this (the latest Lamborghini Gallardo) cost to rent? The answer: It is available for the day for around $1,600, and there are weekend specials to take advantage of as well.
  • Are you guys located around here? The answer: We are located at 3501 Haddonfield Road in New Jersey, just over the bridge from Philadelphia. It is the prime location to seamlessly service New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia. Our Miami office services the state of Florida.

For those who did not get a chance to come hang with us at Fantasy Fest, we will be at the Met Life Stadium September 18th-19th running our Ultimate Driving Experience. Click here to sign up for the event and take one of our exotics around the track–sign up before spots run out!

Here are some of the best shots from our Fantasy Fest 2015 experience. If you were there with us, please feel free to share your shots on Facebook:

Fantasy Fest 2015The view from the VIP section inside Xfinity Live

exotic car rentalsCOO Jeff McCorry ensuring proper placement of the Lamborghini rental.

Fantasy Fest 2015

Eric Fralin of Imagine Lifestyles had the tough job of chatting up Miss Pennsylvania when she stopped by to say hello! 

Charles Barkely

Eric also bumped into Charles Barkley inside the VIP section.

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