Feds Give Flying Car Weight Exemption

The Terrafugia Transition is the closest thing to a flying car that has been created to date.  There is no end to the awesomeness of this idea, a vehicle that is equal parts plane and you know, car.  Seriously.

Terrafugia is a startup firm, and they have been developing and tweaking the Transition (fitting name) since 2006.  This startup was founded by a group of MIT engineers who seem to have an affinity for the aerial.  Basically, Transition is a light, single-engine plane capable of folding its wings, with a substantial four-wheeled undercarriage allowing it to be a car.  One word:  Beast.

So why did it require an exemption from the feds?  While the Transition was designed to fit within the 1320 lb confines of the “light sport” aircraft qualifications, it became difficult to fit mandatory road-safety features like airbags, crumple zones and a structural cage around passengers while still adhering to the weight limit. 
Terrafugia Transition Flying Car
The feds sportingly provided an exemption that gives the Transition an extra 110 pounds of leeway, while still qualifying as a light-sport plane.  Why is this important?

Because in the U.S a light sport pilot’s license is easy to obtain, requiring a mere 20 hours logged.  It is a way to cut through the red tape.  And it is a flying luxury car.  Take that Ferrari!

This really is an amazing vehicle, but I am having scary images of idiots crashing mid-air.  Yet,imagine the possibilities!  With the wings folded the Transition can be driven at normal highway speeds.  Imagine bypassing the hassles of commercial airports and their ridiculously ineffective “security measures”.  As a frequent traveler, I must say that this is right up there with the luxury of aircraft charters!  Just drive the Transition into any airport, and it can hit the skies with a cruising speed of 115 miles per hour. 

Wherever there is a new way to travel, there will be a new fee, and I foresee airports charging just as much as a plane ticket to use their runways.  What is next, a private runway and flying car per household? 

According to reports, 70 Transitions have been ordered, and deposits are in escrow, so refunds are safe in the event Terrafugia should hit a roadblock with their awesome idea.



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