Ferrari 355 GTS Breaks and Enters!

This Ferrari 355 GTS was not stronger than brick…because it completely tried to break in! In the Netherlands, no one informed this unfortunate driver that you simply do not, under any circumstances, attempt to park your luxury car in the house…sigh. Well, wherever there are exotic cars, there will always be exotic car crashes (a universal truth, follow link for more!), and so long as no one is injured, the only pain comes from my abs from laughing so hard!

Ferrari 355 GTS Crashes into Brick House

This pic is so funny, it appears no one is quite sure what to do! I think I would stand around and stare at the sight myself!

The Ferrari F355 is a powerful 2-seater made between 1994 and 1999. The V8 engine sits in mid-position, and was likely jarred by this impact. Two versions of the F355 were made, the GTS and the Berlinetta. This particular GTS did suffer considerable damage, according to reports. Is anyone familiar with the drinking and driving laws in the Netherlands? And has anyone seen Mr. Bean recently? For some reason I am curious…

Rowan Atkinson

Mr. Bean crashed a McLaren F1 last year, generating some seriously embarrassing press!

Ferrari F335 GTS

Close to what the Ferrari looked like prior to its house call

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