Just a Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale Tugging a Snowboarder

When you own something as awesome as a Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale, there are many things you can do with it. For example, you can provide some horsepower for a snowboarder, effectively changing their life forever. Note the word ‘own’…this is not something you can do with a Ferrari rental! Check out the action in the short clip below.

Snowboarding behind a Ferrari—not recommended after dark. Disclaimer: We are not recommending this at all. We just like to watch.

This act is equal parts irresponsible and entertaining. While it is a bit dark, likely to avoid law enforcement, you can still get a good glimpse of what went down. The 360 Stradale is one of the most acoustically exciting Ferrari models, and it can be heard though the driver does not overdo it with the throttle. Likely a wise decision based on weather conditions and passenger placement.

Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale

The video description mentions: “Just an impulsive decision made late on Friday evening down the pub”. 

The Challenge Stradale is the highest-performance street-legal version of the Ferrari 360. It has carbon ceramic brakes from the Enzo and a track tuned suspension. Weight reduction and increased power paired with a revised gearbox put this beast at a clear advantage to its predecessors. As humans, we are not that different from our predecessors. If we have something powerful, we are going to use it the wrong way!

Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale

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