The Ferrari 458 Italia Does It for Us-Here is Why

Ferrari 458 Italia The Ferrari following world-wide can now adore the Ferrari 458 Italia, which was released ahead of the official reveal at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.  The passion of the Prancing Horse is prevalent in this stylish and creative rendition of the Ferrari featuring cutting-edge technology.

Ferrari focuses on control logic evolution, which is evident in the 458 Italia.  The 458 Italia is the most recent embodiment of the mid-rear engine Berlinetta.  The luxury car is completely redesigned from all angles-engine, aerodynamics, handling, instrumentation and ergonomics, and of course design. 

Speed and precision tweaks make this road-going Ferrari a pleaser, benefiting from the company’s Formula 1 experience.  This exotic driver’s dream responds to driver inputs, with reduced internal friction in the engine resulting in lower fuel consumption than the Ferrari F430.  Ferrari has always stepped up to the plate in terms of creating a symbiotic bond between car and driver-a relationship that stands the test of time through continuous improvements and modifications to bring the two closer.

To sum up the Ferrari 458 Italia, this luxury car is capable of a smooth 0-62 mph in less than 3.4 seconds, with a max speed upwards of 200 mph-pretty slick.  Next time you are visiting us in Miami, you can try a Ferrari rental South Beach style, and feel the true quality of the brand!

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals