Ferrari 458 Italia-Some Like it Hot: Ferrari Recall

Ferrari fans, owners and employees have been aflame with the latest news from the supercar brand, that some of the 458 Italia models are being recalled in light of the recent fires reported on several models around the globe.  That translates to replacements or recall tweaks to a percentage of the 1200 $260,000 dollar luxury cars.

Of the 1200 458 Ferrari supercars, only some will be making backtracks to the factory.  All Ferrari 458 models built since July have been modified at the Ferrari factory to resolve the problem.   The 458 model was not introduced to the United States market until June, so only a small percentage need be recalled.  The models that did catch fire will be completely replaced.
Ferrari 458 Italia Fires
So what does Ferrari say is the hot issue?  

The source of the scorching is reportedly a wheel-arch heat shield with adhesive that becomes too hot, smokes, and pushes it too close to the exhaust pipe, causing fire.  Of the approximate1200 models produced, only 5 458’s have caught fire, with no deaths or injuries.  It seems the problem has been caught in time to prevent disaster and make appropriate corrections.  Raise your hand if you want to be on Ferrari’s PR staff right about now.  Let’s not forget the success of the Ferrari F430 Spider, and the future success of the 458 Italia.

Now for my take on Ferrari.  Despite the overflow of gossip and negative press that this situation is certain to stir up for the luxury carmaker, Ferrari is far from sloppy.  Ferrari is a quality company and will continue to go above and beyond expectations to ensure customer satisfaction as they put out this media fire and correct the situation.  In the end, Ferrari will emerge a better and more cohesive company and learn a valuable lesson from this ordeal.  Ferrari dealers will work closely with owners to correct the problem, and the company will see to it that they are pleased and will return as clients in the future.

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