Duke Dynamics Ferrari 458 Velocita Kit

The gearheads at Duke Dynamics have joined forces with designer Marius Dumitrascu to create a body kit for the wildly popular Ferrari 458. Dubbed the Ferrari 458 Velocita, it offers a different take on the front and rear views, among other alterations. Unfortunately, the Duke Dynamics kit for the 458 does not add additional power, only a bit of an automotive makeover.

Ferrari 458 Velocita

Do you like the Ferrari 458 Velocita body kit by Duke Dynamics? 

The Ferrari 458 Velocita kit offers the following highlights and changes:

  • Attractive carbon fiber side skirting
  • Revamped front and rear appearance
  • Completely new hood
  • Bespoke exhaust tips
  • New front splitter

When an exotic sports car like a Ferrari is released, there will never be a shortage of high-performance aftermarket tweakers ready to experiment with it. Sometimes the end result of a body kit is absolutely amazing, leading viewers to wonder why the brand did not make it that way from the start. Other car kits can be a shocking eyesore, too dramatic to serve any purpose. Some find it interesting that the bonnet boasts a carbon fiber power bulge, seeing as how the 458 are a mid-engine supercar. Sometimes it is all just a matter of aesthetics that make or break a car, and some prefer the bulky front.

Ferrari 458 Velocita

As stated in the beginning, this particular Ferrari 458 kit offers no performance upgrades. The Ferrari 458 Italia packs a purring 4.5-liter naturally aspirated V8 kicking out 570 horses. Power for the Ferrari 458 is delivered to the rear wheels via a 7-speed dual-clutch.

Ferrari 458 Velocita

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