Another One-off Ferrari Stampedes from the Stable

Ferrari’s Special Projects team has revealed plans for another one-off model, made just for a 32-year-old UAE client! Dubbed the Ferrari Arya SP, petrochemical magnate Cherrag Arya can be certain he will be the only one on earth with this particular Ferrari!

Ferrari Arya SP

The Arya SP is currently being created for Cherrag Arya and will be another custom Ferrari of which there can be only one!

The Special Projects team at Ferrari is bringing to life special one-off models for the rich and famous, including Eric Clapton’s SP12 EPC. Clapton’s one-off Ferrari is based on the 458 Italia. Arya’s model is based on the Ferrari 599 GTO, retaining its chassis.

Eric Clapton Ferrari

Eric Clapton’s SP12 EPC is certainly something special!

The Arya SP is a robust Ferrari V12 engine pushing out 660 Prancing Horses that the driver can control via a 6-speed transmission. It will join Arya’s impressive Ferrari collection, which includes the following supercars:

  • An Enzo
  • F430 Scuderia
  • Daytona
  • 575M Maranello
  • F40
  • 599 GTO
  • SA Aperta
  • 599XX road racer
Ferrari Arya SP
Cheerag Arya posing with his black Ferrari 599 GTO
With the buyer’s obvious devotion to the Horse, it is little surprise that the good people at Ferrari were wiling to build him his very own model. Arya said that the unique bespoke design is both classic and modern Ferrari, selected from 12 renderings created by project designers.

The lucky owner will take delivery of his new baby early next year in Dubai, and he has said that he will attempt to shield it from publicity. There is little possibility that photos of this intriguing pony will remain secret, and we cannot wait to check it out!

Ferrari Arya SP

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