Most Badass Luxury Car: Ferarri California vs Bentley GTC

Ferrari California Front View

The Ferrari California supercar and the Bentley GTC seem to be bumping heads (better than bumpers) in the luxury car competition department.  While it is largely a brand preference issue, it cannot be denied that both Bentley and Ferrari are targeting new markets, Ferrari rental markets and Bentley rental markets. 

So who wins in the Ferrari California Vs Bentley GTC?  Let’s examine both exotic and luxury rental cars.
Ferrari California Interior

Let’s start with the 2009 Ferrari California, who has been stealing headlines since its concept stages.  Overall, this is a high-performance two-door Ferrari with a retractable hardtop and slightly different aesthetic appeal than we are accustomed to from the brand. The hardtop can be dropped in about 14 seconds by the push of a button on the Ferrari California model.

Under the hood of the Ferrari California lurks a 4.3-liter V8 engine with direct fuel injection, offering improved handling and fuel economy.  The 7-speed automatic transmission is ideal for most drivers, with an available 6-speed manual.  The California Ferrari hits the 0-60 marker in under 4 seconds, with top speeds of around 193 miles per hour.

The Ferrari California boasts three unique ‘driving modes’, the Sport Mode, Comfort Mode and CST-OFF Mode.  The Sport Mode provides the highest performance and grip in all driving conditions.  Comfort Mode focuses on providing passenger comfort in all driving conditions and CST-OFF Mode allows the driver to completely take control of the Ferrari.
Ferrari California Supercar
The Ferrari California interior is the expected lavish leathers, with an overall sporty look and feel, TFT Multi-display, USB connection, iPod dock, 6.5 inch touch screen, Bluetooth and even luggage space.

Now that we are familiar with the California, let’s compare the Bentley GTC.  This Bentley is also a two-door luxury convertible, and seats four.  The GTC Bentley operates surprisingly quiet with the top down, when compared to the Ferrari California.
Bentley GTC Front View
The Bentley GTC features a unique 6.0-liter W12 engine kicking out 552 horsepower, hitting the 0-60 marker in 5 seconds, making it a bit slower than the California.  There is an available Bentley GTC Speed, a higher-performance variant with the same engine that can hit the 0-60 mark in 4.6 seconds.  Both Bentleys feature a six-speed automatic transmission, so they lose points for failing to offer drivers the option of a manual.
Bentley GTC Interior
The interior of the GTC model is what seems to really spark, it is as lavish as the brand is famous for, with all modern tech gadgets peeking out from the finest grains of wood, leather and a completely customizable mix of interior design.  Buyers of the Bentley GTC can choose between a variety of lambs wool rugs, 17 interior color schemes and 15 exterior, points for versatility and customization.

So who wins the Ferrari California Vs Bentley GTC spin off?  Overall, I would say that Ferrari wins in the speed and looks departments, and Bentley takes the interior prize.

Bentley GTC Rear View 





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