Ferrari Composite Chassis for Hybrid Model Unveiled

The 2013 Ferrari FF is not the only news the brand has in store this year!  Plans for a new Ferrari composite chassis for a hybrid has emerged, drumming up excitement and anticipation for what the overall finished product may look like! Hey, if they can make a hatchback look decent, there should be little problem crafting a robust and sporty hybrid model!


Ferrai Composite Chassis

The goal is the perfect Ferrari composite chassis. The brand may have accomplished the feat with four different types of carbon fiber and a bit of Kevlar!

This composite chassis project has not been taken lightly. They studied over a decade of racing stats to determine what materials would make the ideal base. The chassis supposedly features four different types of carbon fiber, each layer laminated and cured in autoclaves. Is science taking the reins of the Prancing Horses?


The carbon fiber components in the chassis include:
• The first layer is a T800 carbon
• T800UD (or carbon fiber tape to add strength)
• Next is the underbody and cross member, comprised of high-tensile carbon fibers called M46J
• The door and other critical parts are formed using T1000 carbon fiber. This is the same material used in the nose of F1 racing cars.
• Finally, the underlay is made with carbon fiber and a layer of Kevlar to prevent projectile damage. Nice!


Ferrari drew inspiration from F1 racing materials and strategies

Overall, the advancements in chassis development at Ferrari are quite impressive and certainly beautiful to behold! Ferrari red pairs quite well with raw carbon fiber, don’t you agree?


What will Ferrari look like in the next 10 years? Will carbon fiber be replaced with something even better?

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