The Ferrari FF Family Car

Ferrari has unveiled another first, the Ferrari FF.  The Ferrari FF is the brand’s first-ever 4-wheel drive and 4-seater hatchback…yes, I said Ferrari hatchback.  Are we going to see these family Ferraris parked outside of Chuck E. Cheese soon?  The luxury car and exotic rental car market will never be the same.

Ferrari FF Hatchback

The FF Ferrari is set to debut at the Geneva auto show in March.  I suppose this could be a smart addition to a fleet of luxury sedan rentals Miami, for families and parties of more than two who enjoy the brand, and it isn’t as unattractive as I feared. 


Ferrari FF Sports Sedan

The Ferrari FF will follow up the four-seater Ferrari Scaglietti, although the hatchback styling is a shocker.  The FF is intended to compete in the luxury performance 4-seater market against high-end brands like Aston Martin, Bentley, Porsche, BMW and Mercedes.

Ferrari FF Supercar Hatchback

This Ferrari will feature a 6.3-liter direct injection V12 engine producing 651 horsepower, not bad for a hatch!  According to Ferrari, the FF can nail the 0-60 mark in 3.7 seconds with top speeds of 208 miles per hour…perhaps this is far from a family car, you be the judge.   Other perks include Brembo ceramic brakes, magnetic damping and a dual-clutch transaxle and 16 cu. Ft of storage space, 28 with the second row folded.

The Ferrari FF hatchback is anticipated to become available to the European market in the spring, and toward the end of the year in the U.S. with pricing around $300,000.


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