Ferrari Erecting New F1 Factory at Maranello

Ferrari has pushed the pedal down on an exciting new project! They are building a brand new Ferrari Formula One factory at the Maranello headquarters. It will serve as home base to the Ferrari F1 racing team and a multitude of other functions.

Ferrari headquarters

The foundation work has begun for the new Ferrari F1 factory. It is located in Maranello, right next to the road car plant.

According to the Ferrari website,

“The first excavations have indeed begun of the foundations of the building that will house the offices of the management, engineers and administrative staff along with the working areas of the team.”

Ferrari Formula One Factory

Ferrari has raced in every F1 championship since 1950

The Horse manages its operations differently than other teams, as all their F1 cars and engines are built in one location. They are also the only team who has raced in every single Formula One championship since 1950. It seems that experience has been a great teacher and that the brand intends to remain on the same track.

Ferrari Headquarters Maranello

The location of the new F1 base is already owned by Ferrari, and was previously used as a parking area. It is wedged between the existing team structure and Cavallino restaurant. The cohesive brand even builds their famous road cars in a plant next to the new base. A visit to Maranello can yield a peek at Ferrari racing and the latest streetcars being produced. If you are granted a tour, that is.

Ferrari Formula One Factory

The Maranello location is special because it dates back to days of founder Enzo Ferrari. It will certainly be exciting to see what Ferrari can do with a new, state-of-the-art F1 factory. Competitors will likely have to step up their game for next year!

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