Ferrari Fueled by E85 Unleashes 875 Prancing Horses!

A forward-thinking Ferrari aficionado has gone a bit green, not with a paint job, but with an E85-fueled Ferrari FF hatchback. The Ferrari FF was reportedly converted by a Norwegian aftermarket developer and boosts the usual 650 prancing horses up to an impressive 875! No word on if Ferrari approves of this mad science, or if the FF will now stand for ‘Flex Fuel’. End sarcasm.

Ferrari FF fueled by E85

Ferrari FF fueled by E85

This altered Ferrari FF enjoys an emission reduction of approximately 80%, paving the way for a guilt-free 225 horsepower boost on the special V12! Word is that the conversion costs just $1,930 USD (pennies in comparison to the Ferrari FF’s $300,000 sticker) and that at least one customer has opted for the conversion. With no word from Ferrari yet on the package, it may well invalidate the FF warranty!

Koenigsegg Agera R

Koenigsegg Agera R

The Ferrari FF is not the only luxury car to benefit from an E85 conversion, the Koenigsegg Agera R gets 1,100 horsepower with the corn fuel, compared to just 927 with 95-octane.

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 Ferrari FF Hatchback

Is there any angle the Ferrari FF does not cover? All aesthetics aside, of course!



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