The Ferrari Rollercoaster on a Multi-Billion Dollar Island. Yes Please.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Yessss…it is finally here, the world’s fastest Ferrari, I mean, rollercoaster. It is the best of both worlds, as it is a Ferrari rollercoaster, located at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi rather than Maranello!  Throw your hands up, its expected!

I mentioned this deliriously amazing exotic car turned toy back in May, follow link to read more about the Prancing Horses Leaving the Ground.

Ferrari Rollercoaster

A seat on this luxe Ferrari rollercoaster will catapult you up to 150 miles per hour, utilizing an “aircraft carrier-like hydraulic launch system” along its winding track.  Ferrari World is located on multi-billion-dollar Yas Island, fitting for the luxury marquee.

Ferrari Rollercoaster at Ferrari World

Yes, it has finally happened, a luxury car of epic proportions has made its way to an amusement park for the masses.  This makes me feel like a kid again, although this may be a bit much for some kiddies, makes me queasy just looking at it! 

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Till next time, I have to go book my flight to Abu Dhabi now…in the meantime check out our fleet of Ferrari rentals Miami in case you can’t join me.

Abu Dhabi Ferrari World




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