Ferrari Steering Upgrades in Future Cars Will Improve Perfect Experience

Ferrari is among the oldest and most prestigious exotic sports car companies on the planet. The Prancing Horse did not get where it is today by simply chilling in its stables, however. They continually gear up for greater acheivements and work to surpass what is possible at that place and time. Now Ferrari is working on providing sharper steering for its supercars. The Ferrari steering upgrades will make an already amazing beast even better.

Ferrari steering upgradesIt is not that a Ferrari handles poorly as is, that is not true. The Ferrari car is simply so powerful that it is a challenge for the everyday person to drive. Improving on the steering function can assist with this. The next-gen Ferrari handling system will be engineered to reduce inaccuracy and inconsistent feedback located in the current versions. In essence, they will use the weak points of the current steering systems to perfect the next one.

Ferrari steering upgradesBrap brap brap…seduction.

The technology

The engineers at Ferrari are working to further the cohesive bond between the steering wheel and all connected to it. This will ensure that the message delivered to the driver during drives is as accurate and streamlined as possible. Responsiveness is crucial when operating a car with as many horses as a Ferrari. Reducing the possible free play between components will make for the best steering feature thus far.

Ferrari steering upgrades

It is impossible to prevent all issues with a mechanical steering system, so the next generation is to be a patented electronic power assistance steering system. This type of steering system reads the driver’s input to the wheels and reads that information in order to respond appropriately. We look forward to testing out the new technology and sharing the experience!

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