Ferrari Sweetens the California with Handling Package

If you love our Ferrari California rental enough to invest in your own, know that the brand is now offering a “Handling Speciale” package for improved driving dynamics. Because the California is already a flawless exotic sports car, you can imagine the excitement this upgrade is creating! Ferrari California Rental in Miami from Imagine Lifestyles to experience the car!

Ferrari California

Ferrari California

Ferrari previously provided upgrade packages for the 599 GTB and the 612 Scaglietti, and now that the California is a year old it is time. So what exactly will the handling package offer? Ferrari’s special handling package will boost the California’s V8 engine and enhance steering, dampers and springs (similar to the HGTE package for the 599). The California is an easy driving Ferrari, which has attracted many first-time owners and drivers.

The HS performance package will simply serve to modify it toward a traditional racing style supercar. This is ideal for those who love taking their Ferrari to the track and opening it up because the package allows the suspension to respond up to 50% faster to bumps with superior handling.

Ferrari California

Would you purchase a high-performance package for a Ferrari California if you owned one? Share your thoughts below and watch the video below to see a hot model drive the California in Miami for the first time!




The video shows how easy the car is to operate and the wow factor it packs!




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