Ferrari Wind Tunnel is Back in the Saddle

The Prancing Horse could be firmly back in the saddle again soon. After 18 grueling months, the Ferrari wind tunnel is back in the business of tenaciously testing aerodynamics for the Scuderia racing team.

Ferrari wind tunnel

The wind tunnel testing area is just a small section of the Maranello operations, but it is very important.

The wind tunnel, named galleria del vento, plays a vital role in keeping the Scuderia Ferrari Racing Team on top. It was closed down for over a year due to major discrepancies between testing and actual track results. During the many months that the air was still, Ferrari’s Formula One cars were tested using Toyota’s wind tunnel in Cologne, Germany. According to team principal Stefano Domenicali, wind testing in Germany was “Like playing basketball with one hand behind your back.” The team is likely quite pleased to have the Maranello based wind tunnel back in order.

Ferrari wind tunnel

Scuderia Ferrari is the racing division of the brand. It was founded in 1929 and while it mostly competes in Formula One races, it has participated in others. 

Ferrari wind tunnel

This year’s Ferrari Formula One team has been fighting hard with Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull in the lead. Aerodynamics are very important when engineering a racecar, and not having an operational tunnel could be part of the reason the Ferrari team fell back this year. The Horse is already working on next year’s F1 car, and will have plenty of time to test it at home prior to the start of next season. With any luck, it will also give them enough of a boost to finish out this year with the power we have all come to expect from the marquee.

Ferrari wind tunnel

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