Ferruccio Lamborghini Yacht Looks Amazing Restored

It may not purr like a Lamborghini supercar, but this slice of history can cut through the seas with two V12 engines from the old 350 GT cars. The nearly forgotten Ferruccio Lamborghini yacht has been fully restored to its former glory, and it is beautiful!

Ferruccio Lamborghini Yacht

The Ferruccio Lamborghini yacht at a glance:

  • Not one but two rumbling 4.0-liter V12 engines. These are derived from the original Lamborghini 350 GT.
  • Each engine kicks out 350 horses for a combined total of 700. Not bad at all for 1963.
  • It is a one-off yacht commissioned by Ferruccio himself.
  • It is a Riva Aquarama sport boat by Dutch Riva specialists Riva World. (And that was quite a mouthful).
  • Ferruccio tasked the team with building the fastest Aquarama in the world. Imagine that…from a supercar builder. Did Ferruccio have dreams of dominating both land and sea with the powerful Lamborghini engines?
  • The wooden boat was missing for a time. Its last owner passed away in 1993, and it was later found in a boatyard in need of some serious attention.
  • The overall restoration took 3 full years.

Ferruccio Lamborghini Yacht

The two engines used in the restoration of the watercraft are not the originals. While Dutch Riva restoration did track down one of the original engines at the Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum in Italy, it was not available for sale. The restoration moved forward using two 1964-1966 Lamborghini 350 GT engines and converted them with a closed-circuit cooling system for ship duty. Ferruccio Lamborghini Yacht

Two Lamborghini engines power this fashionable wooden sports yacht. The blue accents set off the wood exterior with a decidedly nautical vibe. I like it.

Ferruccio Lamborghini Yacht

What do you think of the extraordinary wood finish? Share your thoughts below.

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