Fewer Ferrari Owners Are Seeing Red

Red Ferrari

Red Ferraris are decreasing in popularity

Ferrari brand is often associated with a shiny red exotic sports car…but that trend seems to be changing!  Back in the 1990s, a full 85% of all Ferraris were sporting the signature red paint job.  That number has dropped to 45% in 2010, perhaps an indicator that buyers want their prancing ponies to display a more unique quality.

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Ferrari seems to be focused on taking advantage of the entire color spectrum, offering custom colors, two-tone paint jobs and anything else buyers wish.  In fact, buyers can now send a sample of any color they choose to Maranello, and Ferrari will match it.

Ferrari rental

Red certainly is a great shade for a fierce sports car like a Ferrari

Some customers are going all-out and ordering roofs painted a completely different color than the body.  The mental picture I have of this is terrible, but if you have the money to customize a Ferrari, I suppose it should be done to your liking!


Ferrari also claims to have perfected a three-layer painting technique that results in a brilliant and deeper finish.  Special order finishes on Ferraris have increased from 1% to 10%, outlining the need for it.  So go ahead, order your camouflage Ferrari today…but I will judge you.

Ferrari paint jobs

An interesting Ferrari paint job for the Gumball 3000



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