Lamborghini Vs. Ferrari Drag Race Videos

Get your engines revving with the following compilation of Lamborghini Vs. Ferrari drag races.  Who will spank who?  Guess you will just have to click and see!  More of a hands-on type?  Why not reserve some track time for your next exotic rental car Miami?  Enjoy!



Above is another great video of racing between a Ferrari and Lamborghini.  All the races seam close but you need to watch to see who will win.  There is nothing better than driving around in a Lamborghini or Ferrari and these video’s showcase just how incredible fast each exotic sports car really is. 


*Start this one a minute in to get straight to the drag race between the Ferrari 550 and Lamborghini Murcielago

So which manufacture do you think makes the fastest car now?  If you had to choose between a Ferrari or Lamborghini which would you go with?  If you want to test either of these vehicles in order to help you make a better choice you can do so by checking out Ferrari Rentals or Lamborghini rentals



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