Top 5 Motives Behind Not Buying That Ferrari You Have Been Eyeing!

Yeah, I said it.  There are reasons NOT to own a Ferrari supercar!  So sit back, relax and let me explain the method behind my madness.


Here are the Top 5 Reasons NOT to buy a Ferrari, but rather, rent one!

1.    Avoid the colossal cost of claiming your own Ferrari, and opt for a Ferrari rental when the urge strikes.  This method saves you the $220,000 and higher price tag, while affording you further options mentioned below.  A supercar like a Ferrari is not generally a daily driver, with the exception of perhaps the new Ferrari California rental, so it is more economical to rent one for special occasions for around $2,000 and under rather than deplete your bank account for a luxury car you will only drive occasionally anyhow.

Expensive Luxury Cars

2.    A luxury rental car like a Ferrari gets you out of expensive regular maintenance fees that come attached to these types of vehicles.  When you invest up to a quarter million and up for an exotic car, it is crucial to ensure it is maintained properly, and many people are unaware of just how pricey and complicated this task can become.  Not only is it expensive, but you also need to locate a trustworthy mechanic in your area who is capable and familiar with servicing such a premium vehicle.  There are horror stories associated with finding a trustworthy luxury car mechanic, including tales of mechanics totaling the cars during an unauthorized joyride!

 Ferrari Interior

3.    By indulging in a Ferrari rental for your special occasions, you allot yourself the freedom to experience any model, and switch up brands when you wish.  This allows you to try out the new Ferrari models as they come out, and also to try other luxury rental cars Miami out, like an Aston Martin rental, Lamborghini rental or plethora of other options.  Everyone likes options!

Lamborghini Supercar

4.    Renting an exotic car also keeps you out of the steep storage fees of properly housing your supercar.  Most Ferrari owners keep their cars in special climate-controlled buildings that are often off premises, and these are often quite costly per month.  Why spend and spend on all of this if you are not driving the car that often anyway?  Renting a luxury car gives you all the bang for your buck, and none of the hassles!

Storing a Ferrari

Storing a Luxury Car and Ferrari

5.    Lastly, you can completely avoid that fight with your significant other about shelling out so much of your savings account on such an extravagant toy.  Instead, you can surprise her by picking her up in a hot Ferrari rental, casually explaining that it is only $2,000 rather than a quarter mil, and that she is totally worth it for your anniversary.  Be smooth, it works!


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Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals