First-Ever Land Rover Diesel Electric Models

The first-ever Land Rover diesel electric models are here: the Range Rover Hybrid and the Range Rover Sport Hybrid. The names, while lacking a certain creativity, communicate precisely what the luxury SUVs are. These up-and-comers will be at the Frankfurt Auto Show and will be available overseas shortly thereafter. An official U.S. launch date is unknown, as we are a bit slower to accept alternative powertrains, California exempt.

Land Rover Diesel Electric The Range Rover hybrids at a glance:

  • Both pack a 3.0-liter turbodiesel V6 diesel engine paired with a 35kw electric motor and an inverter
  • Lithium ion battery pack
  • Floor mounted battery, does not interrupt cabin space
  • ZF eight-speed automated transmission
  • A modest 335 ponies
  • Specs are not impressive in electric-only mode. It can travel only 30 miles per hour for approximately 1 mile. Yes, one.
  • Curb weight of 5,278 pounds for the Hybrid and 5,229 for the Hybrid Sport. These girls are not light and not exactly super muscles. One would have to really embrace hybrid technology and the environment hard to be placated by these specs.
  • 0-60 mile per hour times: Hybrid—6.9 seconds, Hybrid Sport—6.7 seconds
  • Top speeds are 140 and 135 miles per hour, respectively.
  • Combined fuel economy is 36.75 miles per gallon, which isn’t exactly impressive. There are plenty of gas guzzling sedans that can achieve that without a hybrid powertrain.

Land Rover Diesel Electric

The new hybrid siblings are set to square up against rivals like the Mercedes-Benz ML450 hybrid and the Porsche Cayenne S hybrid. They are both gasoline-electric hybrids, while the Range Rover models will offer up the diesel-electric option. It may be the only one in its class.

Land Rover Diesel Electric

The Land Rover hybrids offer the brand’s peerless four-wheel drive system and Terrain Response 2 off-roading system. Just do not venture too far off that road, without enough diesel!

Land Rover Diesel Electric

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