Fisker Continues Spreading Green Karma—Meet the Electric Atlantic Luxury Sedan!

The futuristic frontrunners at Fisker have done it again—creating yet another fabulous luxury hybrid car! The Fisker Atlantic concept made its official debut at the New York Auto Show, though it is rumored that the prototype should be quite close to the finished product (should it reach production–as Fisker is adamant that it will!).This puts an end to the anticipation of Project Ninja (follow link for full details!).

Fisker Atlantic

The Atlantic does resemble the sleek lines of the Karma

Fisker Karma

Fisker Karma

Fisker bills the Atlantic as “dramatic”–though in terms of technology, it takes on a more conventional form than predecessor “Karma”. While the Karma’s claim to fame lies in the capabilities of its all-electric mode, the Atlantic is equipped with Fisker’s second-gen EVer (Electric vehicle with extended range) powertrain and its 4-cylinder gasoline-slurping engine.

The EVer powertrain was engineered with the goal to reduce range anxiety, thus steering the masses more confidently toward a hybrid future. This is a great idea in a market where buyers remain largely wary of an all-electric vehicle and the possibility of becoming stranded with no outlet to recharge! With an electric/fuel hybrid, one has the option to simply switch to gas mode and carry on…how is that for functional versatility? I still feel it will be a long road to full-on acceptance of the hybrid vehicle, both standard and luxury.

Fisker Atlantic

Atlantic overview

Pricing and availability for the Fisker Atlantic are unknown, but I would venture to speculate that they will be comparable to the Audi A5 or BMW 3. Stay tuned!


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