Flo Rida Pimps Out His Bugatti…Literally!

Rapper Flo Rida seems to be very creative when it comes to protecting his precious luxury items…for example, he leaves his prized red Bugatti Veyron with a local exotic car dealer while he is out of town or on tour. The bonus? Aside from the car being defended against theft and the elements, Flo Rida pays nothing for the storage!

I assume Flo Rida’s DUI arrest in Miami cost him plenty, so saving on his storage is a bonus.

Flo Rida DUI mugshot

Flo Rida DUI mugshot

Flo Rida Bugatti

Flo Rida’s Bugatti Veyron at Euro Motorsports in Fort Lauderdale

Exotic car ownership and maintenance is very expensive, so Flo is saving quite a bit of cash flow through this mutually beneficial setup. You see, the dealership loves having the Bugatti perched on its showroom floor because it helps to attract attention and new buyers. In fact, it has already led to the sale of 2 Veyrons!

Euro Motorsports Fort Lauderdale

Euro Motorsports in Fort Lauderdale is home to many stunners

With the average cost of a Veyron around $1 million and upward, it is easy to understand why the sales staff enjoy having the commission-boosting supercar around–and why they do not opt to charge the rapper any storage fees! Is he daring enough to request a commission? I kid, I kid.

Euro Motorsports Fort Lauderdale

Euro Motorsports Fort Lauderdale

If you want to get a peek at Flo Rida’s Bugatti, it is often at Euro Motorsports in Fort Lauderdale. If you want to drive a true luxury car on occasion without the burdens of ownership, check out our fleet of exotic rental cars in Miami from all the best brands on your way out!

Euro Motorsports

Euro Motorsports is the first Pininfarina designed dealership in the U.S.




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